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The following are some of the projects we have completed:

Although we cannot release our client information, it is important that you understand the scope of experience from our projects.

Active Shooter/Critical Incident Stress Management Workshops

Our staff provided the highly requested 4-Hour workshops to utilities, municipalities, and educational facilities, in active shooter/critical incident stress management. This course uses exercises, video, audio, and group based discussions to enhance individual understanding of how critical incidents impact us.

Security Management Plans

Our staff members were involved in a major project involving federal and local government officials to assess a Dam's Safety and Security program. The end result led to the creation of a large Security Management Plan, for a FERC controlled system, which in turn is also being used as a boilerplate program for other FERC controlled systems.

Emergency Operations/Emergency Response Plans

Our staff has worked with government agencies, utilities, private companies, and colleges to create Comprehensive Emergency Management Plans and Business Continuity Plans. We also incorporated Business Impact Analyses as part of the BC program using CPG guidelines.

Security Infrastructure Development

Our staff has helped organizations to develop and set up security based infrastructure to include reinforced customer service windows, access control readers and programs, security guards, CCTV Cameras, lighting, fencing, locks, and many other hardware.

Safety Audits

Our staff have conducted safety audits, to include fire prevention, hazardous material storage, SDS/GHS document reviews, and egress controls.